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Old Fashioned Garden Roses

If you are sending flowers to someone special send old fashioned garden roses as this is what we remember from our grandmother's garden. To experience a garden full of wonderful English garden roses is something that remains in one's memory forever. To recreate this magical feeling we have designed a collection of wonderful garden rose arrangements for you to enjoy. One of our favourite English roses is Augusta Louise, a rose almost too beautiful for words. The beauty of our cut garden roses is unsurpassed, the rose perfume is breathtaking, each and every one of these old fashioned roses is very special.


Within our collection we have used some of the famous English garden roses from the world renowned David Austin. For our garden floral arrangements, we drew inspiration from the English garden where these unique roses are at their best. The perfect flower arrangements for a wedding in the country.


The ever popular English rose

For our bouquet deliveries we use a selection of beautiful garden foliage and herbs to highlight the natural beauty of our delightful english roses. Garden roses sacrifice some of their vase life for their beauty. They are more susceptible to shed their petals sooner than the Dutch, Ecuadorian and Colombian rose varieties. Our garden floral arrangements are beautiful table arrangements. They are also very popular as wedding centerpieces or baby bouquets for new arrivals. During the summer months, there is an abundance of choice available from English rose suppliers, allowing us to create stunning arrangements for you to enjoy.